Human: Fall Flat (PC/MAC)


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Human: Fall Flat is the funniest collaborative game with physics-based puzzles! You're Bob, an ordinary man without superpowers, but if he has the right tools, he can accomplish a lot. And if he uses the tools in unconventional ways, he can accomplish even more! Bob is clumsy and your first challenge will be to master his movements.

Bob dreams of surreal places filled with puzzles to be solved and experiments for diversion - often with a howling funny result. There are many different solutions to the puzzles that will challenge your creativity and put discovery and innovation at the centre, where all your ideas can be used! Human: Fall Flat offers endless gameplay possibilities if you think outside the box.

Explore the open world that comply with the laws of physics. Interacts with almost every object in the game. You can grab everything, climb on everything, carry everything and go where you want - the world is your playground.

You can collaborate with a friend to solve challenges together, or toss around with each other in insane ways. Create a public lobby, invite your friends, and enjoy the sight of up to eight clumsy bobs tumbling around and toppling over. Get new options with more hands, or create more friendly chaos! You can see them fall, jump and catapult to the sky. Try to catapult all eight Bobs at the same time and watch these guys fly - that is a picture you will never forget!