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Played by millions of football fans worldwide, Football Manager 16. comes - Football Manager 2019 (FM19) by SEGA, gives YOU the power to take control of your beloved club or create your own legacy by taking the helm of a mini club and turning it into a global giant.

New upgrades and features bring you closer to your club than ever before, bringing the world's most popular simulation game even closer to reality.

So, what are the new things in Football Manager 2019?

Football Manager 2019 brings you even closer to the heart of the beautiful game than you ever thought possible. Advanced features and improved street level allow you to take control of your team in an authentic and fresh way, creating a more intense style of storytelling.

Here are some of the upgrades that make FM19 the best online simulation game!

Training in a new way 
Training in Football Manager 2019 has seen the biggest change in the series' history. The massive training reshuffle includes a division of sessions into three a day, allowing you to customize your program to suit your team's special needs throughout the season. Another reorganization focuses on the pre-season, which is now a separate and distinct part of your training calendar. Due to FM19's increased depth and details for training, there are several ways to optimize your training for the pre-season, giving you the best chance of success in the coming season.

All new user interface 
Football Manager's user interface is one of the first things FM fans look forward to in new game releases, and Football Manager 19's new user interface does not disappoint!

The most obvious difference between Football Manager 19 and all other FM games before it is the updated user interface. Experienced players will notice the difference on almost all screens - not only because everything looks fresher and cleaner than before, but also because each game element is easier to navigate around.

The UI changes are particularly prominent in two of the most careful game modes; training and tactics. Both of these areas see a wealth of small but very important and meaningful changes (many of which were the result of feedback from FM18 players) that are designed to work for all types of users - beginners or experienced.

VAR and match improvements 
Match day is what every manager spends their week preparing for. What happens on match day is ultimately a manager's success. In Football Manager 2019, a number of new improvements make the match experience one of the most likely in the series' history.

FM19 sees the introduction of two new video technologies, which are also used in real matches. The first of these additions is VAR or Video Assistant Referees, which will be part of real-world competitions. VAR is of two types - one where the referee communicates with the Video Assistant Referee through an ear canal and one where the referee personally uses a TV screen next to the playing area to assess the original decision himself. Again, the kind of VAR you want to see when you play depends on how it is used in the same competition in reality.

New manager induction 
Football Manager 2019 brings in-depth inductions in key areas of the manager's experience. Inductions that are mostly in the game and on-screen tutorials that allow less experienced players to express themselves with different responsibilities while handing out new information that even the experienced manager finds valuable.

With an update in tactics and training sessions, you have the opportunity to optimize your potential as a manager. When you start a new game in FM19, you have the opportunity to mention your experience with the FM series, by doing this FM19 determines whether you need inductions at the beginning of your employment period or not.

Bundesliga partnership 
The wait is finally over, the fully licensed Bundesliga - German Bundesliga, finally debuts in Football Manager 2019 after 10 long years! This means in FM 2019 both the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 will be equipped with licensed club packages, badges, player faces as well as the respective trophies for each league, thereby creating an even more immersive user experience.

These are just some of the few changes in the game that make Football Manager 2019 one of the liveliest simulation games on the market today. To experience these new game upgrades and more - Buy the game today!

Replace Mourinho, Scholari, Zidane and co as the manager of your favorite club can and take yourself and them to legendary new heights with Football Manager 2019.