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In an imperfect world left by the gods, a gloomy faction threatens all of humanity. Freelancers are the only ones who stand in the way of these villains and the ancient technology they covet. Play with up to three other players and design high-tech, hand-built armour suits with unique strength. Explore vast ruins, battle deadly enemies, and claim supernatural artifacts.

You and your Javelin grow in strength with each mission. Fight the dangers of a changing world. Arise to overcome evil together. Achieve a common triumph.

With Anthem ™ you get the opportunity to experience a collaborative action RPG that takes place in a new and mysterious world from BioWare ™ and EA.

Individual heroes unite to achieve a common triumph: Anthem focuses on a connected social experience. Join up to three other players in collaborative adventures that reward both teamwork and individual skills. Players' choice of Javelin exodus will determine their contribution and strategic roles on the team. Go on an expedition together, or drop a contract to summon friends who can help with difficult challenges. Discover a gripping story filled with unique and memorable characters as you explore the world. Transition-free and intelligent matchmaking ensures that you can easily and quickly find other players to go on adventures with.

Choose from an arsenal of customizable exodus suits: Every time you step into the world as a Freelancer, you gain access to your collection to choose a powerful Javelin exodus suit - armour designed to give the pilot incredible offensive and defensive abilities. Use massive weapons and destructive forces. Shake bone-crushing blows off you like nothing. Move with incredible speed, shoot like a rocket across the sky, or roam safely deep underwater. As you play, both your own skills as a Javelin pilot and the combat and flying abilities of your exodus constantly improve.

Explore a changing world filled with dangers and mysteries: Anthem's visually spectacular open world in constant evolution is driven by Frostbite and offers unpredictable conditions, dangers and enemies. As Anthem is a life service, the experience will change and grow over time - so you are constantly introduced to new stories, challenges and events. This world is both beautiful and deadly - and will challenge you strategically for each new expedition you embark on with your team of Freelancers.

Customize your pack
The Javelin Exodus suits - and included gear, weapons and equipment - offer extensive options for personalization. As you rise in rank, you gather equipment and unlock amazing customization options that turn your javelins into proof of your abilities and accomplishments.

The most versatile exodus suits allow you to go straight from melee to the use of powerful, long-range projectiles. Use the electric morning star to hit the enemies with staggering amounts of tension, or aim and shoot with micro-missiles at lots of moving targets. Gather your teammates to quickly cool down, then use Frost and Seeker grenades to effectively keep enemies at bay.

The towering Colossus is the ultimate war machine. This exodus suit is designed with fixed artillery, armour plates and a flamethrower that makes short and hard process with enemies of all sizes to knock them out and make them vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Colossus is the perfect addition to your javelin arsenal if you prefer raw strength to agility.

Interceptor's minimal, elegant design is ideal for long-range scouts, infiltrators and assassins. Cause devastating damage with double-edged daggers to turn the odds in your favour with a hectic attack. The light armour allows you to move quickly in and out of battle and take advantage of your enemies' weaknesses.

Harness the elemental power of Seal technology and unleash Anthem's energy with Storm Javelin. Soar out of danger over battles, and throw explosive lightning down over enemies at a safe distance. Storms armour is very light, but it saves a lot of power and raw power. Fight back powerful enemies and find the best position to deal destruction.